Lipton Iced Tea

Lipton wanted to generate a following for the SXSW event they were apart of, so we created a Lipton @SXSW facebook application. The app allowed people to see who checked into the various SXSW events and what they were tweeting about them. They had access to event videos and the ability to upload their own content to share.

In addition, wanting everyone to be able to make the drinks their tents mixologists whipped up with their teas, we included the recipes for all the drinks served. The Lipton @SXSW facebook app greatly increased the number of “likes” to the Lipton brand facebook page as well as the over all sales of their teas.

Users could upload photos and videos as well as tweet and post check-ins, all from
one place
Cocktail recipies developed onsite
were posted 
Huge jump in Facebook likes
SXSW concert kiosk generating printable 
concert lineups

Partnering with Pandora, we created a SXSW concert line-up generator kiosk for Lipton to have in their event tent. With so many artists at SXSW, the generator helped concertgoers develop a personal line-up based on their tastes in music to narrow the field. The list could then be printed so they could take it with them.

After SXSW, as part of the ongoing campaign to launch Lipton’s new 100% Natural Teas, we launched a Facebook application that rolled out over the summer months. The app focused on weekly contest give-a-ways, the promotion of various summer concerts across the country, and ongoing interaction with their loyal customers.

Weekly contest

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