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We were asked by Stanford Health Care to come up with some creative concepts to help enhance their site and set them apart from other major medical centers. One of the concepts we came up with was the Care Finder. When a new user comes to the site, the Care Finder modal would pop up and based on a few simple selections, the Care Finder presents users with relevant selections of multiple Stanford Health Care services and provides a pathway to learn more about these services as well as to confidently book an appointment. This tool would also be accessible on future visits through the menu.

A graphic, animated bubble approach to filtering creates an experience that is more enjoyable and provides more detail and offerings than your typical drop downs
The Care Finder results would provide a holistic view of care, including physicians, service line information and ways to engage such as support groups, classes & events.

During our research for the Stanford Health Care concepts, we found that patients are going online for a wide variety of different healthcare needs — finding a doctor, day-to-day advice as well as emotional support for health issues. What’s also interesting about this is that they have developed preferences for how they would like to find solutions for their health needs. When we pulled back even further, we saw that patients were relying more and more on the advice of other patients as they seek information. The implication here is that peer-based learning is desired by many patients.


We wanted to create a place for this type of learning within the Stanford Health Care site and came up with the Stanford Health Circle. The Circle is place for patients and prospective patients alike to create personal accounts, giving them access to a variety of community topics. Within the Circle they can meet and learn from others who have the same health issues that they or their loved ones do. It is also a place where they can keep track of all their health history and document day-to-day health and fitness activities. This drives ongoing engagement with the Stanford Health Care site and creates a personal and friendly feel — adding another important layer to the world renowned healthcare that Stanford is already known for.

Keep track of all aspects of your health in one spot
Connect with others
in the community
PIn articles of interest from around the web as well as from the SHC site
Personalized dashboard that stays with you as you navigate between the community pages
A sticky pin that follows you throughout the SHC site allows you to pin articles of interest to your personal profile page
You can also pin articles from around the web by installing a widget to your browser bar
Having this widget stay with the user from page-to-page as they browse the web helps keep SHC top of mind 
Learn from other’s stories within the community
Peer-based learning in a friendly and engaging way

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